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Practice Schedule for the Week of 5-19-2014

  • Welcome New Shooters!

    We are starting off the 2014 season with 45 shooters on the roster!  This number includes 9 brand new shooters across all of the age groups. Currently the breakdown of the shooting groups looks like this:

    Varsity - 11

    Junior Varsity  - 4

    Intermediate Advanced - 11

    Intermediate Entry - 12

    Rookie - 7

    I am excited that we will have Intermediate Entry squads this year for the first time in two years.  Also I am proud to have 3 new female shooters!

  • New Trap Shooter Primer



    If you would like a copy of The New Trap Shooter Primer then please contact me or you can buy a copy on-line through Amazon.



    The New Trap Shooter Primer fills the information gap during the first years of trap competition. Written primarily for young shooters entering the scholastic trap arena, the New Trap Shooter Primer is great for new coaches, parents, and volunteers who have some basic questions about the sport. Most new shooters and parents who get started in scholastic trap, don't have a shooting background and need the basic vocabulary that people who grew up in the shooting sports take for granted. Whether it's ammo questions, gun and equipment questions, or some basic strategies for singles trap, the New Trap Shooter Primer has the answers.

  • Sponsors Needed

    We NEED sponsors for the 2014 season.  We must raise nearly $300 per shooter to balance the budget each year!  Please consider a sponsorship to help make this great activity more accessible to our students.


    Click Here for a Sponsorship Application

  • Sublimation Shirts

    I am excited that our team shirts will be "sublimation" shirts with the following design.  The bible verse on the back will be our team motto this year.  I want to have a couple of devo's this year using this verse as our theme.



  • Schedule Information




    Parents and Shooters………


    The link at the bottom contains the complete schedule for the upcoming AIM / ATA shoot on Saturday April 5th, 2014.  Please look over every page and let me know if you have any questions.  I submitted the squad lists based on the email responses I got back about spring break availability.  I did not get responses back from everyone so I went ahead and registered everyone who did not give me a definite “NO” because of the deadline for registration yesterday.  This means there may be some people who need to be removed from the list because they will not be available.  PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK THE LIST AND LET ME KNOW ASAP IF THERE ARE ANY MISTAKES BECAUSE I WILL NEED TIME TO MAKE SUBSTITUTIONS.


    I have included the complete raw schedule from Mark so that you can see who will be shooting from the other teams and what their order is as well.  Please read the Shoot Procedures section that Mark asked coaches to distribute to their parents and teams but you should disregard any of the payment instructions because I will handling payment and squad check-in for the entire team.


    Please notice that I have decided to schedule the arrival times based on a 60 minute per squad average.  I realize that all the squads will not average that pace but if history repeats, the faster squads will cause gaps in the schedule that Mark will fill in with squads that are waiting on slower fields.  In other words, the squads that shoot later in the day will possibly be moved to fields that are already finished and the result is that I would rather us be there earlier than later.


    Let me give you a quick run-down on the ATA / AIM awards.  Awards for ATA and AIM are given out by Category (age group) then by Class (skill level or average).  We will be eligible to win in either with category getting precedence.  Each of our squads has a category based on the oldest person on the squad and a class based on the total of each individual’s average.  Usually there are not enough squads to give “A” class awards so Mark combines those with the “B” class.  So awards will be given our by category: Junior, Sub-Junior, and Pre-Sub, then by Class A/B, C, D.



    That’s all for now!




    Click here for a link to the SCHEDULE FOR the 4-5-2014 AIM / ATA Shoot


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